Baby Books

by Angella Meanix


We often get asked, "what is a good book for a baby?" ... and the answer is -- any children's book!  It depends what your goal is. 

Children listen and follow along with whatever kind of story you're reading them.  Of course, rhythm and cadence help keep attention.  As will a simple storyline.

You could go with something more mature, but read only a page or give them the story in a nutshell or paraphrased format and have them look at the pictures.

Also, singing is an engaging way to story-tell and teach rhythm for the wee little ones.

If you want them to learn letters start with shape recognition which comes before letter recognition - hone in on a shape book or a book on colors and objects with single words.  This is more identification-based.

Babies need faces and people and interaction.  As long as you're engaging them - you are essentially reading together.  Follow their lead and their interest as well and you'll begin to notice a preference.

Babies like to move! So, sitting still isn't necessary to listen.  In fact, it may help them listen better if they can be free to climb while you read aloud.  Animal-based books are good for this as they can crawl or jump with the animals in the book!

Of course, as they grow and visually read along with you, they begin sight-reading.  If they prefer to listen - you may have a more auditory learner on your hands.

Remember - everyone is different and that's great!

What are your baby reading tips?

How about favorite books?